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FAQ Bodyguard Ibiza

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is Ibiza a safe place?

A: Ibiza is not as safe as it was 20 years ago. Unfortunately organized crime follows the rich & famous, and Ibiza is a jet-set destination that attracts UHNW visitors & wealthy celebrities during the summer months. High value crimes are common from June to September in Ibiza.

Q: What types of crime are in Ibiza?

A: Specific crimes have become a problem in Ibiza for certain visitors. Organized crime gangs follow the UHNW community & wealthy celebrities wherever they travel. High value watch thefts and villa robberies are reported on a daily basis. 95% of visitors to Ibiza are not affected by these crimes - but the top 5% of wealth are targeted by organized crime gangs operating in Ibiza.

Q: How much does a professional bodyguard cost in Ibiza?

A: Genuine professional bodyguards in Ibiza charge between €50 and €70 per hour with a typical daily booking requirement of at least 8hrs. There are black market workers who charge less but they have no professional training or experience.

Q: How much is villa security in Ibiza?

A: Armed villa security in Ibiza costs between €45 and €65 per hour depending on which supplier you choose. Lower-cost options through middlemen are typically those associated with burglaries that happen whilst security guards are on duty. 

Q: We're a big group of 20 people. Can we hire a bodyguard for our visit to Ibiza?

A: Standard procedure is one professional bodyguard for every 5 clients. We only accept bookings from clients who are serious about their security and understand the limitations of each bodyguard.

Q: Can I hire 4 of your biggest bodyguards for Pacha tonight?

A: No! We are not fashion accessories to make you look important. We're top level security veterans who only work with clients who take their security & privacy seriously... you should try the local gymnasium for your '4 biggest guys'!

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